Our mission is to support women entrepreneurs, managers.

We are inspirative and supportive community:

  • managers – we support us to improve and increase our personal and professional growth
  • women entrepreneurs we support us, link us, inspire each other, connect and cooperate also with foreign partners
  • top managers through VIP meetings and mentoring programs

Our focus:

  • Personal growth
  • Mental health
  • Aging
  • Gender equality
  • Work-life balance
  • ESG
  • Financial and investment literacy
  • Visibility and boosting Your business

We build inspirative community, we connect women entrepreneurs which want to invest in their personal and professional growth and boost on business.

We provide webinars, workshops, conferences and other events focused on personal and professional growth.

We inspire each other, share experience, possible collaboration. We build partnership and collaboration.

  • Are you women entrepreneur ? Are you searching for information, inspiration or looking for valuable networking and cooperation?
  • Are you manager, Director, women on top level leadership or managerial position and looking for supporting environment?

We provide inspirative and supportive and inspiring community for business women and managers.

By business visits, Clubs, participation on inspirative networking events where you will gain new inspirations, exchange of information, partnership and cooperations.

Our networking events with our foreign partners will provide you with valuable inspirations, feedback, new contact and cooperations.


With the aim to make you more visible and/or, to support or boost your business activity abroad, finding new partnership and cooperations within our membership in EWA (European Women Association) and Women Entrepreneurship platform.

We are providing support, exchange of information, education of women on top level positions and women on boards in cooperation with EWoB (the European Women on Board Association).

In cooperation with our partnership organization in Czech Republic, Hungary Poland, Ukraine, Great Britain we provide possibilities for project cooperation and business cooperation.

  • Are you looking for new possibilities for your personal and professional growth or carrier promotion? Looking for new inspiration, information, know-how from experienced leaders and mentors?
  • Are you looking for role models, inspiration and support?

We provide you support and unique opportunities for your personal and professional growth or carrier promotion through sharing of experience with mentors and mentees.


Only having an excellent ideas, targets, results is not always enough. Becoming successful you need to present it and present yourselves.

  • Are you presenting in your work, or giving a speech or speaking public or discussing in various meetings?
  • Are you looking for support in your business or do you want to present your idea or become more visible?

To be heard and seen you need to present more professionally.

By our practical and interactive public speaking trainings we you will find your self confidence, self esteem, authenticity and you will improve your speech. We will help you to be authentic. To be more professional and to present more effective. We will help you with sales speech, short speech or Elevator speech.

With interactive trainings we will train and we will learn to speak more effective, to avoid stress, to be more authentic.